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Me Tieu

Hi, I am Michelle Tieu, a multidisciplinary designer obsessed with UX/UI design, service design, user experience research and designing for a better world.

I’ve worked with

Featured Work
IDENTOS User Interface Design
User Research

Working in an Agile team environment, I designed 2 mobile applications, 2 new application features and conducted usability testing under direction of the lead designer.

Tools Used: Figma

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My Friend Bubba
A phone is held, showing a "My Friend Bubba" app screen. The screen says "Your routines" at the top, with the following routines: Wake Up, Observe an Object, and Bedtime.
Mobile Design

My Friend Bubba, a habit-building mobile app targeted towards teens and young adults.

Tools Used: Figma, FigJam

Case study coming soon!
Women and Societal Progression
Mockup of the "Women and Societal Progression" website. Two full length webpages are shown on the left side and a monitor with the title screen is on the righthand side of the image.
RGD logo
Information Design Award Winner 2023
Data Visualization

Data visualization of the 2021 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals General Report of 2021. I contextualized the data under the theme of women and societal progression.

Tools Used: Figma, Adobe Illustrator

Case study coming soon!
Gotcare Onboarding Experience
A image of an old man smiling, using his phone to call someone.  Text is overlaid on top: "Redesigned Gotcare Onboarding Experience". The Gotcare logo is located in the top left corner.
Service Design
Customer Experience

My team redesigned the onboarding experience for Gotcare, a platform that uses artificial intelligence to match clients to care workers in remote and underserved communities. The redesign addresses pain points in the current onboarding experience for patients and their caregivers.

Case study coming soon!

Tools Used: Figma, FigJam, Adobe Premiere Pro

The Lot
A poster is hanging in the subway. The poster has a bright yellow background. The poster text states, "we're transforming parking lots into community spaces." The logo of "The Lot" is located on the bottom left of the poster.
Publication Design
Brand Identity

Full series brand identity for The Lot, a community transformation partner. A brand book and launch campaign was developed.

Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign

Case study coming soon!
Stratford Festival
A photo of the series of Stratford posters, hanging from wide concrete pillars inside of a building. The camera is focused on the poster in the middle, which has the bold text, "The lady doth protest too much, methinks. La dame proteste trop, me semble-t-il."
Publication Design
Campaign Design

Identity for the 2021 Stratford Festival. A series of posters, e-tickets and a pamphlet was created to target a new young demographic.

Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign

Case study coming soon!